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A colorful mosaic of eastern and Asian cultures, Gilgit Valley, sits at the foot of the magnificent Karakoram Mountains. With the mighty Gilgit River flowing through its center, this beautiful valley is home to majestic mountains, friendly and welcoming locals, and the rich historic Gilgit City. Visit this beautiful city and immerse yourself in the mystic beauty by booking a Gilgit tour package.


● Explore the ancient Silk Route and indulge yourself in the region's past glory.

● Discover locally made artifacts and gems as you visit traditional markets.

● Get a taste of Gilgit Valley's Buddhist history by visiting the fascinating Kargah Buddha. 

● Experience the wonderful sceneries of Astore Valley, Naltar Valley, Bagrote Valley, and Fairy Meadows.

● Meet warm-hearted and cheerful locals and enjoy their warm hospitality.


Surrounded by wild, craggy mountains, Gilgit Valley is one of the must-visit places in Pakistan. Here, perfectly clear blue skies meet the earth along a horizon of majestic rugged mountain peaks while lush green vegetation blankets the floor of the valley. The valley seems to make a path for the Gilgit River as it winds through villages, towns, and Gilgit city itself. In the northwest of the valley, the gigantic Karakoram mountains are standing proudly, with the peaks capped with glimmering white snow.


Gilgit: A Rich Blend Of Cultures


You will find a mix of diversity in the cultures to discover in Gilgit, a complex blend that showcases the region's history. Before becoming a part of Pakistan, the region was ruled by a raja (prince) and was a princely state. Therefore a cultural mosaic has been formed by the past cultures and the new communities that migrated from the different parts of the Gilgit-Baltistan region, all bound together in pleasant harmony.


Explore the artifacts of both the British rule and Buddhist era to learn more about the region's heritage, satisfy your wanderlust by roaming through old markets and uncover the history of the ancient Silk Route, and enjoy an awe-inspiring trip along the Karakoram Highway with its sharp bends and sheer drop-offs. Book your Gilgit tour package with PakVoyager and enjoy this and much more with our expert guides.


An Overview Of What You Will Explore In Gilgit


Gilgit is one of the places that can be called a piece of heaven dropped on earth. If you haven't visited Gilgit yet, then it's high time to plan your tour with PakVoyager and explore the paradisical beauty and rich heritage of this ancient region. 


● One of the top attractions in Gilgit Baltistan is Attabad lake, also commonly known as Gojal lake. It was created due to landslides in 2010 and has since been an extremely spellbinding site for local and international tourists. Our expert guides will take you to this beautiful lake and make you lost in the serenity.

● Naltar Valley is popular amongst tourists for its jaw-dropping mountainous scenery. Tourists go there and enjoy skiing on the snowy mountainous peaks. Come together with PakVoyager and enjoy thrill-filled skiing in the beautiful Naltar Valley.

● Passu glaciers, also known as Passu cones, are located in the south of the Passu village and near several other glaciers. Enjoy chilly winds at Passu cones with our amazing tours.

● The Hussaini hanging bridge is considered to be one of the most adventurous bridges in the world as It is a wooden bridge tied with ropes. Enjoy an extremely beautiful walk on the bridge with greenery and mountainous views all around the bridge.

● Explore the magical rainbow lake with us. The lake is present near the Domel village and is mesmerizingly pleasing when it changes colors from green to turquoise and many pretty shades during the day.


Explore these and many more exciting sights with PakVoyager. Book a 7 days tour to Gilgit Baltistan and have a look at how immensely nature has bestowed the northern areas of Pakistan.


Get Amazing Gilgit Tour Packages


We have got some amazing Gilgit tour packages for every customer. Browse through our packages and pick your favorite one according to your preference and requirements. Once you make your booking with PakVoyager, then leave everything to us. We will manage all your stuff, including your tickets, pick-and-drop, and hotel reservations. You don't have to worry about anything as we have got your back. Just sit back and enjoy your tour to the fullest, knowing we are always here for you by your side.


Enjoy An Adventurous Trip With Your Friends


If you and your friends are seeking a trip full of adventures and thrill, then book a Gilgit tour package right away. Gilgit is home to numerous thrilling activities, including trekking, skiing, mountain climbing, and many more. Have a memorable time of your life with your friends and make joyous memories.



Go For A Honeymoon Trip In Gilgit


Plan your honeymoon in Gilgit and enjoy the most precious time of your newly married life in the magical beauty of this region. Roam around with your spouse in the lush green grasslands along the riverside and make everlasting memories. We will design your package in such a way that you will love every bit of it. Get a chance to enjoy the best time of your life in the peaceful Gilgit region and get a magical start to your new life.


Cherish Your Family Moments in Gilgit


If it has been a long time since you haven't planned a vacation with your family, book a trip to Gilgit today. We have some exceptional packages designed to make you have the best time with your family. Get a break from your busy schedules and spare some days to bond with your family. A Gilgit tour with PakVoyager will give you joyous and delightful memories that you can cherish for your lifetime.


Enjoy A Solo Trip 


It is not necessary that you always need someone to go on a trip with. Enjoy a solo trip to Gilgit and get a chance to spend some time with nature. The serene and calm destinations will provide you with the perfect view to sit and stare at for hours. You can also capture some mind-blowing landscapes and enjoy them later.


Design Your Customized Tour


If you can't relate to any of our pre-designed packages, we have got an option of customized packages for you. Get in touch with our expert guides and explain to them your preferences and demands. We will make sure to craft the package according to your needs that perfectly suits you.


Take A Much Needed Getaway And Revitalize Yourself


Everyday life gets boring, and we start getting frustrated with the same monotony daily. The only solution to this problem is planning a getaway to any beautiful scenic destination. Plan a tour of Gilgit this time and indulge in the peaceful environment of the region. The tranquility and calmness will soothe your soul, your eyes, and your body, and you will feel a new energy filled in yourself. The fresh mystic air of this region will lift up your mood and rejuvenate you to get back to your work and increase your productivity.


Book Our Pocket-Friendly Packages And Explore Gilgit


The packages we provide are extremely affordable and pocket-friendly. We strive to make you see maximum worth-seeing destinations at the most affordable rates, as we don't want you to miss anything. All our packages are less costly so that everyone gets a chance to get away from their chaotic everyday routines and have time to breathe in fresh air to refresh their souls.


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At PakVoyager, we have exceptional customer care service as we believe our every client is respectful and precious. You can contact us anytime, any day, through the website chat option, WhatsApp, call, or email. We will make sure to answer all your questions and queries and satisfy you in every way possible. Be assured that your trip is professionally pre-planned before you leave so that you don't face any difficulty and enjoy your vacation without worrying about any other stuff. The safety and security of our clients are our topmost priority, so every aspect is checked multiple times.


Explore Gilgit With PakVoyager


Get a chance to explore Gilgit with Pakistan's best tourism company. Go through the packages present on our website, book your favorite one, and explore the valley of Gilgit. Enjoy the mesmerizing view of Attabad lake, satisfy your thrill and adventure in Naltar Valley, explore the majestic Passu cones, discover the magical rainbow lake, uncover the rich heritage of ancient Gilgit culture, and much more.


We have a smooth booking procedure so that you can book your packages easily and feel no hassle in planning your trip with PakVoyager. Get up today, pack your bags, and satisfy your wanderlust, as traveling is extremely necessary to keep your sanity alive.

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