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The towering Hindu Kush mountains stand over the tranquil Chitral Valley, the perfect backdrop to this culturally unique district. The most secluded region in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, Chitral, is home to some of Pakistan’s most famous tourist places.

  • Take the picturesque journey through the Lowari Tunnel, one of the longest high-altitude tunnels in Pakistan
  • Visit Chitral Fort and uncover the history of the Mehtar dynasty
  • Discover the ancient valleys of Kalash and the intriguing culture of the Kalasha people 
  • Enjoy heartwarming hospitality and the company of cheerful locals


The rich culture of Chital is like nothing else. It won’t take long to sink into the warm and comforting feeling of the locals’ simple way of life and generous hospitality. The valley abounds with historical and cultural curiosities just waiting to be discovered; explore the town of Chitral and visit the Chitral Fort, the Shahi Masjid (Royal Mosque), and trace the region’s history at the Chitral Museum as you explore its artifacts for yourself, from jewelry to hunting tools. It’s not hard to imagine the stories of Chitral’s past here.

No accurate picture of the region can be formed without journeying to one of the top places to visit in Pakistan, the Kalash valleys. Explore the Kalash valleys of Bumburet, Birir, and Rumber and get to know the unique and charming Kalash tribes, who live separately from the rest of Pakistan and speak their own ancient language. Here, traditions remain unaffected by the modern world, and the locals live a life that feels like a million miles from the rest of civilization.

The Unimaginable Beauty of Chitral Valley

Shaped by the Hindu Kush mountains the valley sits in, Chitral’s landscape is dramatic and endlessly captivating. The rocky mountain slopes give way to the Chitral River that rushes past its rocky banks and lush green fields. The mountain peaks, some dusted with white snow, tower over Chitral’s little towns and villages. Massive glaciers sit ready to captivate all who visit, and the endangered wild Markhor goats navigate the rocky mountainsides with ease, their impossibly long cork-screw horns pointed to the sky. Have these delightful experiences through our unique Chitral Valley tour packages. 

Discover The Exceptional Beauty Of Chitral 

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Fun Adventure In Chitral 

For people looking for adventure and some thrill to life, we welcome you to PakVoyager. We have the best adventure tour packages for our customers. Get into exceptional fun activities such as mountain climbing, trekking, and much more. Explore the extraordinary beauty of northern Pakistan and make memories in Chitral valley that you will always remember. Have fun hikes and get a fresh breath of air. 

A Memorable Time With Family 

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Explore The Culture Of Chitral 

Chitral Valley is a place of immense cultural diversity and beauty. From the Kalash people who have been living in this region for centuries, to the many different tribes and clans that live here, there is no shortage of fascinating cultures to explore. Chitral has a culture and history that is worth exploring. The historical villages are something that you must visit. PakVoyager will ensure that you visit every corner, which is a must. Our experts have handpicked all the locations that you should visit. You will get to see the important landmarks and explore the rich Chitraly culture. We plan everything accordingly so you have a relaxed and flexible schedule. With our well-planned trip, you will be able to have a good time at every location without any problem. 

Wander In The Land Of Beauty With PakVoyager 

Visit the land of beauty and enjoy various astonishing locations like Shandur pass, Tirch mir, Karambar lake, and much more. Get to know more about culture and heritage from the chitral museum. Explore its archaeological and ethnic gallery and discover the history you never knew about. Visit the magical fort built by Nadar Shah and other top places in Chitral with PakVoyager. See the typical architectural style by visiting Governor’s Cottage, surrounded by a green landscape and huge beautiful mountains. Look at various animals such as Red Fox, Markhor, and others at Chitral Gol National Park. So don’t let a chance like this go, and get in touch with our team today.





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